Smart Bike


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Smart Bike

To meet the customization requirements of Amazon, Fise develops smart bikes to promote the construction of smart cities and environmental-friendly transportation. Compared with traditional transportation tools, a smart bike is a comprehensive intelligent device that is securer and healthier with social and entertainment features.

Case description::

Signal coverage over 39 platforms in all available communication modes, 1G + 8G memory, 1080P HD display.

Security: The smart bike has a lock difficult to disassemble, a full set of lighting systems, and an ID recognition system to escort the safety of the riders.

Health: The smart bike recommends the optimal settings based on heart rate and road slope and pushes real-time weather messages to help you make cycling plans.

Social exchange: The smart bike displays nearby friends on the GPS map, allowing a rider to find companions. It also provides a speaker for voice exchange between companions. Entertainment: The smart bike can play music, news, and videos for entertainment.

Operating system: The CYBIC-OS built-in the handlebar is the first operating system for bikes. It can call all the underlying software and hardware interfaces to interact with apps to manage seven smart modules of the bike, including the handlebar, central control, handle control, lighting system, speaker, sensor group, and power management module. It provides users with ultimate cycling experience.


The smart bike can be associated with Amazon Alexa, a voice assistant app and devices supporting 4G LTE access. It supports global 4G frequency bands, secondary development, remote upgrade, and various software features and networking protocols. It also provides rich peripheral interfaces to stimulate rapid applications by developers. The solution used by the smart bike can be applied to different device models, such as the stereo set, robot, and car.