Solar-Charged Bullet Camera


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  Power maintenance engineers need to frequently check components on the towers of high-voltage transmission lines. Traditionally, they need to climb up the towers or take a lift up the towers to take photos with a camera. This maintenance method is inefficient, costly, dangerous, and difficult.

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  Flexible capture modes: Supports multiple custom capture modes, including remote command-controlled capture, AI-based intelligent capture, and alarm-triggered capture.

  Comprehensive features: Supports GPS or BeiDou-based locating, broadcasting, two-way calls, remote calls, and data storage on the local TF card.

  Reliable operation: Uses a low power design and is equipped with a solar panel and a high-performance lithium battery. Convenience: Monitors the temperature and humidity and uploads videos to the backend for remote monitoring.


Solar-charged bullet cameras are waterproof and high temperature resistance and support wireless routing. They can be widely applied in harsh outdoor environments, such as construction sites, residential villas, factories, and treasuries in wilderness, taboo, and dangerous areas.