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  • FISE TechnologyIntelligent hardware solutions including mobile phones, smart wearables, AI products, and smart payment, and OEM/ODM services

  • FISE IntelligenceCustomized products and services, such as microprocessor cores for industry applications, IVI solutions, solutions for power systems, and commercial display

  • FISE InformationInvestment and financing platform, providing business merge and integration services


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Top Enterprise Consultation

Quickly locate problems and find solutions by using precise consultation in three steps. Implement solutions, train staff, and take optimization measures after staged review to improve the management level and double the economic gains.


Mass Capital Connection

Contact a large number of investors and gain financial support through crowdfunding, financing, and listing to achieve a more prospective future for your projects.

High-end Investment and Financing Platform of FISE GROUP's wholly-owned subsidiary; Focus on Information Technology; Provide investment and financing or merger services for FISE related businesses……