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Smart Watch for Adults and the Elderly

Smart Watch for Adults and the Elderly


Screen: 1.54-inch

Resolution: 240 x 240 pixel (multicolour multi-touch screen)

Operating system: Android 4.3 and later or iOS 8.0 and later

CPU: MTK6737

Built-in ROM: 512 MB (can be scaled up to 3 GB)

Built-in RAM: 4 GB (can be scaled up to 32 GB)

Built-in chip: health biosensor and energy resonance biochip

Network: 4G over all available communication modes

Other features: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, locating, step counting, call, and reminder

Feature demonstration

1.  Two-way communication: After you insert a Nano card, two-way communication is enabled over the 4G network provided by China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom.

2.  Helpful assistant: Based on the brand-new intelligent voice interaction platform developed by iFLYTEK, AI Assistant provides rich intelligent voice services.

3.  Trouble-free journey: The watch can translate your voice and text messages into multiple languages, smoothing your journey outside China.

4.   Health monitoring at any time: The watch measures the atrial fibrillation, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and heart rate with one click, allowing you to know your health situation at any time.

5.  Automatic monitoring all day long: After automatic monitoring is turned on, the watch can automatically monitor your physical health data for 24 hours a day, and upload the data to the app on your mobile phone for statistical analysis and health trend management.

6.  Sleep quality monitoring: The watch records the time when you fall into asleep, the duration in deep sleep, and the time when you wake up, allowing you to know your sleep status and arrange your sleep time reasonably.

7.  Sports management: The watch records various indicators during sports, such as the number of steps and calorie consumption.

8.  Locating-based help-seeking: The watch determines your location based on GPS, Wi-Fi, or LBS, preventing you from getting lost and allowing you to call for help upon emergencies.

9.  Geo-fencing: You can set a movement border for the elderly on the app. When the elderly leaves the border, the watch will send an alarm to your mobile phone, preventing the elderly from getting lost.

10.  Movement track replay: You can check the movement track of the elderly within a certain period of time on the app. This prevents the elderly from getting lost and helps you find lost items.

11.  Remote monitoring: You can perform operations on the app to remotely measure the health data of the elderly who wears the watch. This allows you to keep track of the health status of the elderly at any time, and prevents diseases in advance.

12.  Healthy energy resonance: The watch can emit 7.83 Hz Schumann resonance that improves body flexibility, balance, and physical and mental health, and 20 Hz beta resonance that improves memory and concentration.

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