1. 40-hour working week, nine in the morning and six in the evening;

2. Competitive salary system, perfect welfare treatment, seven insurances and one fund;   

3. Year-end bonus: generous bonus will be paid regularly every year;

4. Paid leave: marriage leave, annual leave, paternity leave, maternity leave, funeral leave;

5. Training opportunities: a perfect training system, with professional tutors and one-on-one training of teachers appointed upon entry;

6. Development platform: good promotion and transfer mechanism, providing multi-path career development platform and two-way promotion channel;

7. Performance mechanism: monthly performance assessment, quarterly and annual awards, with bonuses ranging from 1000 to 10000 yuan;

8. Employee activities: once a year, organize a group tour, regularly organize badminton and basketball games, and have irregular department dinners;  

9. Accommodation arrangement: the company provides dormitories and the park has staff restaurants;

10. Settle down: new graduates settle down for employment (assist in applying for government subsidies);

11. Other benefits: seniority allowance, cultural shirt, birthday party, holiday gift, Wednesday afternoon tea;

12. Young team, energetic and passionate, learn and grow together!