Smart Helmet Solution for Power Devices


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  The intelligence of power devices is a closed-loop process of applying information technologies to traditional power devices to collect and process data and provide feedback and optimization suggestions accordingly. Advancing technologies can be used to make traditional power devices multi-functional. Smart helmets play an important role in power inspection, making the inspection more convenient, safe, and efficient.

  Case description:

  site operations under voice control, free relevant personnel from manual operations During the inspection, relevant personnel can order the smart helmet to take photos, fill in and submit forms, and play videos through voice commands. The recorded 4G videos are uploaded to the mask and backend server, allowing others to monitor the site remotely.

  Support for multiple network types: Users can choose an appropriate network communication mode, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or 4G based on the environment to reduce the communication cost and achieve high data exchange quality.


  In the later stage, more application software can be developed for different scenarios to allow the working staff to communicate with the central control room in real time. This solution can be widely used in multiple scenarios, such as onsite commanding, railway inspection, highway administration, mining, petroleum exploration, and emergency dispatch.