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        Capital restructuring FISE frequent heavy build brand strength

        Date:2015-7-13 11:17

        Since the lunar new year, market trends Fise technology in the adjustment of product strategy at the same time, began a large skills: + capital restructuring, and frequent heavy build brand strength.

        Semiconductor electronic products started to trade Fise science and technology, has successfully functioned Galaxycore Microelectronics (Shanghai) Co., CMOS image sensors, so that in a year's time rapidly overtake the United States OV, US Micron, South Korea and other internationally renowned SET sensor chip design company, a Chinese low-end mobile phone market leader in CMOS image sensor, and therefore Fise science and technology in the industry renowned.

        In order to break the limitations of the development of trade companies and passivity, as early as 2008, began to proprietary Fise type company in transition, have founded the Fise optoelectronics, trihexyphenidyl cause, Fise microelectronics three companies, trying to build the program from IC , PCBA LCM program to program, CCM program, either & ldquo; man sudden, rapid response & rdquo ;, but also & ldquo; horizontal integration, resource sharing & rdquo; large chain service mode. As of the second half of 2010, with the mobile communications industry goods and more integrated, small-scale business model and single product business model is gradually out of the market, companies that operate or hold together a single product company integrated downstream products up big chain business model, has become the development trend of the mobile communication industry unstoppable. By this time, the Fise major industrial chain business model has been nearly three years of market experience, highlight the advantages. Thus Fise rapidly emerged as the leading one-stop professional mobile solutions provider.

        To strengthen the advantages of Fise business model, improve fast in recent years due to the expansion caused extensive management, duplication, dispersion and other personnel issues, Fise started since the beginning of March 2011 restructuring, the original Fise Shenzhen Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Fise Microelectronics technology Co., Ltd. Trihexyphenidyl caused by information technology, integration of the restructuring of the Shenzhen Science and technology Co., Ltd. Fise. As of the end of June, Fise reorganization basic exhausted, the new company registered capital increased to 20 million yuan.

        Currently, work is beginning to bear restructuring Fise performance, operating costs are significantly reduced, management has made remarkable achievements and exhibits a strong follow-up support. Increasing brand awareness, user reputation and competitive products, make Fise ZTE recently won the outstanding customer brand communication, Foxconn, Longcheer shares agree. As a professional leading one-stop service mobile solutions specialist, Fise science and technology will be further committed to provide better, more peace of mind products and services for the mobile communication terminal market customers.

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