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        New spring drama staged interviews ︱ zeolite, five new products make you look good

        Date:2016-3-4 11:13

        Spring, things grow. In this flourishing, booming property prices soaring spring, Xiao Bian also came along for the ride, and find "gossip" rose up exposure <(* ¯ ▽ ¯ *) /

        This time we are invited to a small meat zeolite - zeolite Shenzhen Intelligent Technology Co., Ash! Applause ~ Now let's look at an interview with Ash, he brought us to see what surprises

        Tracy: Ash Hello! I was zeolite TV reporter, I called small series. (✿◡‿◡)

        Ash: Small series Hello! Hello everyone! I was in Shenzhen Intelligent Technology Co., zeolite, call me wisdom like.

        Tracy: Welcome ash. That, I heard you hiding a lot of good things, let me see chant ...... ╰ (¯ ▽ ¯) ╭

        Ash :( playfully face) Why? !

        Tracy: Oh, we are so iron friendship, you are so handsome, tall and mighty ...... (omitted here 3,000 words of praise)

        Ash: Well, look at us so friend's sake just told you, ah, someone I did not tell him ...... (side took to bring products)

        Tracy: er er, great ...... quick talk with us. ~ \ (≧ ▽ ≦) / ~


        Ash: Well, take a look at my hand this scan code gun.

        Tracy: scan code gun already filled with it, so what good fanciful. (¯_, ¯)

        Ash: Hey, you say you do not recognize less experience. Our gun sweep code named "Rainbow scan code gun," First of all, we can scan color barcode. ← ▁ ←

        Tracy: we do not have it in black and white bar code? ◔‸◔?

        Ash: First, we can identify the black and white bar code and identification faster, more accurate, more sensitive. Second, we can identify a color bar code, color bar code is widely used in Japan, Korea, Europe and other countries, but also contains information richer, safer and easier to read, and less expensive than black and white barcode. However, é, the existing black and white scan code gun sweep is not color bars. Third, we can know the ins and outs of the article described the bar code, from production to sell, we can know its direction. Whether it is business manufacturing, logistics, retail or supermarket, administrative law enforcement, it can easily hold live. <(¯¯) /

        Tracy: ah ~ really quite amazing! o (¯ ▽ ¯) d

        Tracy: This is what things, black one? (⊙_⊙)?

        Ash: Guess?

        Tracy: black box? Set-top box? The host computer?

        Ash: Yes, a little wink. It is our generation smart host, mainly used in integrated intelligent control home computers, television set-top boxes, refrigerators, air conditioners and other products, smart home, smart home is the brain. All the smart home of the imagination, can be achieved under its control. ♪ (^ ∇ ^ *)

        Xiao Bian: soga ~

        Tracy: That this one? Game helmet?

        Ash: to think of playing the game, this is our smart helmet, a custom power systems products. It is based on an intelligent application terminals virtual imaging technology and human-computer interaction system of voice, making plans can be carried out on-site, audio and video recordings, audio and video communication and interaction, B / S document business systems operations, maintenance procedures operating instructions, data and information retrieval etc., inspection WYSIWYG. It can real-time images back to back, so that back office staff at any time to view progress, meet incurable diseases can be diagnosed in time at the office, to solve problems, greatly improve work efficiency and can also act as a smart phone, so your hands to do more things.

        Xiao Bian: wow ~ ⊙o⊙

        Ash: Of course, it can not only inspect the circuit this application space, aerial work, civil construction, and so it has much to offer yet.

        Tracy: wow! b (¯ ▽ ¯) d

        Tracy: There is no, tell me.ヾ (o◕∀◕) Techno ヾ

        Ash: Of course, to look at this -

        Tracy: This is not a skateboard car?

        Ash: Yes and no. Because it is the smart scooter ......

        Tracy: Hey, you joke cold. (¯ ー ¯)

        Ash: Who told you joking matter ...... our intelligent scooter in the lakes may have grandly first name too!

        Tracy: What? Such a drag that to listen ~

        Ash: Hmmm, "UAV ground sliding, individual actions of God companion."

        Tracy: yo, that sounds good! (^ _ ^)

        Ash: That is, the so-called "ground slippery UAV" That is our function and UAVs similar program control can autopilot, tracking, recording, positioning, remote control, telemetry and digital transmission function, etc. , but it is on the ground slippery. The "individual action partner" means that you go to where you can take it with you! Imagine it close at hand to go shopping, not to mention something that is not even hey you play it? With GPS navigation function with scooters, Luchi waves can go around it. (* ^ ▽ ^ *)

        Tracy: wow! This too much for me! (⊙ ▽ ⊙)

        Ash: Look like you, then we give a certain Hills (Hush, where prohibited spoilers) custom "insect satellite" does it mean that you have to see eye out? ~~ ( ﹁﹁) ~~~

        Tracy: What things? satellite? Why do not you do God (# ¯ ~ ¯ #)

        Ash: Hey, now you say it, this is mainly used in agriculture plant monitoring. Good example, it can be hung on the plant, there have been monitoring the insects captured image or images back to the control center, the feedback information, convenience is not good? It also relies on solar energy provides a considerable energy saving. o (〃 '▽' 〃) o

        Tracy: Hey ~ monitoring insects, are you re-opening.

        Ash: Hey, no ambition, this is for us to contribute to human society. In fact, it is not just monitoring insect friends, the forest can be a static one move in its eyes.

        Tracy: Hey, I like scooters ...... send me a chant ......

        Ash: do not give.

        Tracy: Oh, you look suave, dignified appearance ...... (here omit 5000 words) certainly not reluctant to drop ......

        Ash: uh ...... reluctance to send you a bar ......

        Tracy: Great, love you! (¯ ー ¯) people (^ ▽ ^)

        Ash: ......


        Well, today the arrival of a sense of Xie Xiaozhi, good things caused so much for our band. Zeolite TV will continue to broadcast zeolite product updates, I hope you pay close attention to our message. Thank you, next time will be! (· _ ·) / ~~~

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