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        Hello, Fise! I have come to candidates

        Date:2016-2-26 11:14


        There is always a place that will make you forget; there are always some people, and you will always Guahuai; also there is always a company that makes you willing to struggle with them. FISE Fise is such a business.

        There is a goal,
        Called to become the world leader in "intelligent life" core solutions provider.

        There is a vision,
        Called Experience Unlimited, more exciting life.

        There is a mission,
        Called scientific and technological innovation, quality of life.

        There is a management philosophy,
        Called three pillars, stand innovation.

        There is a strange clever meng pet,
        Called Leilei.

        There is a theme of the annual work
        Called "2016, the strength of the Fise, polyethylene wisdom win-win"

        There is an atmosphere
        Called relaxed, happy life

        There is an environment
        Call vibrant, pleasing

        There is a welfare
        Drink called Science

        There is a treatment
        Called pay competitive

        A group of lovely people
        People called Fise

        There is a recruitment
        Called desperate, and grow together

        Fise beauty Multivariate
        Services market, sincere and trustworthy
        Open spirit, diligent and pragmatic
        Self-criticism, solidarity
        Fise beauty in depth
        Waiting for you to discover

        Bie said, there is no suitable Fise quickly see my post to go ......

        Construction manager
        1, Bachelor degree or above
        More than 2, 4 years of work experience in the mobile phone stack design
        3, at least 2 years management experience

        Quality Engineering Director
        1, Bachelor degree or above
        2, the overall quality of engineering work, tend to project this job
        More than 3, 8 years of work experience in mobile solutions

        Software & Hardware Test Engineer
        1, college degree or above
        2, 1--2 years (Software) / 2--3 years software testing experience (hardware) mobile solution

        Market Development
        1, Bachelor degree or above
        More than two or three years experience in sales of mobile phone related products
        3, there is a certain customer resources.

        Sales Manager
        1, college degree or above
        2, overseas big customer resources
        3. English proficiency.

        SMT & SMT quality Quality Engineer Leader & SMT production leader
        1, college degree or above
        2, there are more than 5 years SMT (Quality Engineer / Quality Leader / Production Manager) experience
        3, familiar with the mobile phone board SMT production and testing process
        4, ISO management experience, has a good experience in dealing with customer complaints (Quality Engineer)
        5, good communication skills and team spirit

        Director of Operations
        1, college degree or above
        More than 2, 5 years experience in the communications industry
        3, extensive industry resources and operational co-ordination

        Hardware Manager
        1, Bachelor degree or above
        2, more than five years to develop mobile solutions
        3, familiar with the MTK platform
        4, more than 2 years management experience

        The above is only part of the jobs and who wish to come quickly, please contact the following stamp, send your resume.
        Tel: 0755-61824686-8062,18312004990
        Contact E-mail: xuhe@fise.com.cn
        Contact: Mr. Xu
        More recruitment information, please poke official website:


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