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        Trends to 2015 the mobile phone market

        Date:2015-11-11 11:17
        Enter 2014 Q4, the weather is getting cold, and did not give intense competition, anxious of the mobile phone industry to bring the slightest cool. Despite predictions to talk nonsense "mobile phone will disappear in 5 years", the mobile phone industry participants who have failed to turn a deaf ear, the sound will often create a competitive atmosphere to the point where almost suffocating: Huawei declared that "do not do low-priced products," should " winning the global market, the challenges the highest goal "; Lenovo Internet phone service announcement will be carried out; ZTE released third quarter earnings strongest positive marketing its brand image; millet is vigorously seeking overseas financing; Cool CEO Guo Deying hard recall the history of entrepreneurship; strength of the weaker Meizu call out from time to time out a few times. Some other recent utterance little but strong strength in mobile phone company also secretly competing. In addition to professionals, the mobile phone industry to other famous people attract is increasing, this is not just a former English teacher Overheating is "hammer mobile phone" some faint wrecked when the entertainment great beauty, "Fan Ye" also passed or may not resist the temptation committed "to do machine." By 2015, China's mobile phone industry is concerned, no doubt, will be further strength to fight, fight strategy, fight brand year, but also the rise of Chinese power further occupation of the market at home and abroad a year. The following is a possible development trend, let us understand and learn at the same time, think about new coping strategies. Trend: slow growth. After four consecutive years in a carrier-based investment-led growth of intelligent machines, Chinese mobile phone market in the second half of 2014 turning point. 2015 Chinese handset market volume growth to slow further, limited incremental space, entered the era of 4G replacement, shuffling out of the market effect highlights. Trends: In the main switch. Domestic mainstream consumers becoming saturated permeability of intelligent machines, intelligent machines demographic dividend disappear, slowing replacement demand. Trend three: 4G sales accounted for the majority. 4G next three years, the domestic market will show explosive growth of fast, incremental growth rather than 3G. 4G terminal will usher in the explosive growth in popularity, 3G penetration rate of about five years, more than 30%, while two-year 4G penetration reached 30%. China 4G users penetration rate will be more than twice as 3G users. The first half of the first four months added more than 800 million mobile users 4G. And five years ago, China Mobile took 15 months to get the same number of 3G users. Overall, next year will be more than 4G sales accounting for 56%, the market structure upheaval. Trend four: Based on the cost price war intensified. 4G technology rapidly mature hardware technology iteration slowed down, increasing product homogeneity, increased cost-based price war, most manufacturers profitability continued to decline. Matures 4G technology, LTE multi-mode single-chip solution significantly increased whole stencil 4G terminal becomes a trend, 4G standard end product differentiation decreased. To quickly lower the threshold drive smart models on the market multiples, concentration and single product share continued to decline, product life cycles are significantly reduced. LTE multi-mode single-chip solution significantly increased 5-inch five-molded low-profile product dropping to 599 yuan file the following; tri-mode product prices fell 399/499 yuan file mass popularity. 4G terminal prices dropping fast, the emergence of a large number of low-end models, sales surge, thousands of / low / entry-level LTE phone sales accounted for by the end of 2015 will exceed 65%. The main motivation LTE acceleration is: first-tier suppliers radical social channels force, prices fell, domestic brands of low-end sales surge, 4G premium of the window will be closed in 2015, and now to next year is a critical period to enhance the brand premium . Trend five: disintermediation sales. Camp changed to increase and sustained reduction in terminal operators marketing resources to promote marketing model transformation, changing sales model, product return to market-oriented operation, open market return to the mainstream. By 2015 the proportion of operator subsidies and substantially unchanged from the 2G era, a single terminal subsidy level well below the 2G era. Retail sales channels and open presents trend, the proportion of open channels continued to rise. Terminal manufacturers accelerate social channels and channel electricity supplier layout of the building, to further accelerate the sales process of socialization, disintermediation trend is clearly to accelerate the development of electronic business. Trend six: expand the share of mid-range products. Open markets return to some extent driven by price competition become more rational, the retailer of the product spreads space demands will become more apparent, the share of mid-range price segment continues to expand. 3G era operators under the guidance of manufacturers continue to spread compression space, the channel profit mainly by the subsidy model can not fully meet the needs of the fee drop social channels (when the subsidies continued to decline, but also lower than the sales growth of remuneration growth, leading to benefit the channel is limited, the demand for social channels spread space will become more apparent), manufacturers will need to adapt to social channels, the introduction of a larger spread space products and services. Trend Seven: consumer psychology, channel sink is the key word. 1, consumer groups and diverse differentiation, consumer behavior mature, product marketing from extensive to fine, the transition from hardware, price competition to service, the ecological level of competition. Smartphone consumer behavior, lifestyles and attitudes, purchase decision-making model undergoing fundamental change, the hardware parameters of competition will be reduced, consumers will be more concerned about the design, materials technology, hardware and software applications and security; 2, 5 four-tier cities million consumers, consumer trends increasingly large middle class tier cities to three or four lines of urban mobility county consumer group, excellent consumer trend of slow life down. 3, geographical distribution of potential customers further incremental sinking: operators, vendors and channel partners to 46 cities and rural markets rapid penetration, channel sink extensions. Trend VIII: Transformation and shuffle. 4G will significantly accelerate the small mobile phone brand in the market reshuffle, lack of competitiveness of small and medium brands will be out of the market, a brand in transition focus on core categories, all channel transformation. Trend Nine: rise of the Internet phone into the rational, pattern gradually clear, return to nature. Trend ten: Reconstruction of the business model. BOM pricing - a hardware zero profit or free, access to cross-subsidies by the software and service model began to take shape. BAT and new players: the phone hardware is no longer as a profit center, but distribution channels. Control of these ten trends, most of the domestic brands, each one meant a challenge. So, what strategy is? Next three years, Chinese manufacturers should focus on four aspects of strategic transformation: 1. Strategic Positioning: choice of development path and Strategy Mode; lateral expansion category, the longitudinal value creation / ecological layout; management, strategy / business model, operations, product four one of innovation and transformation; build profit pool in the 1500-3500 price zone. 2, rebranding: 90/95 after young consumers insight into Internet marketing and product marketing model; sub-brand, large single product strategy and brand strategy to build a premium. 3, the channel reconstruction: operators / MVNO, open social channels, three electricity providers system (3: 4: 3); (online integration under O2O line) Excellent electricity providers / mobile electricity supplier sales system; T3- T6 channel sink. 4. Internationalization: target market selection, the key capacity-building, overseas marketing strategy. In addition, shorter maturity PLC, homogeneous competition stage tactical response is: return to the essence of business. Trench warfare skills to master manipulator of the five stages of speed, a premium brand, cost structure, performance and all-channel operation late.

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