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  • FISE TechnologyIntelligent hardware solutions including mobile phones, smart wearables, AI products, and smart payment, and OEM/ODM services

  • FISE IntelligenceCustomized products and services, such as microprocessor cores for industry applications, IVI solutions, solutions for power systems, and commercial display

  • FISE InformationInvestment and financing platform, providing business merge and integration services


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Products | Innovation in Smart Wearable Solutions Allows Fise Technology to Lead a New Trend in the Medical Care and Health Area
Fise Intelligence Launched Two Upgraded Core Board Solutions to Optimize the Self-Service Experience and Improve the Traffic Management Efficiency
Welcome and learn more about FISE Enterprise Technology Center
Fise Enterprise Technology Center provides professional product testing experiments.
Fise Launches the World's First 4G Mobile Phone with the Forehead Thermometer Feature
Since the breakout of COVID-19, forehead thermometers have become a necessity in our daily life. However, it is inconvenient for us to carry a forehead thermometer wherever we go. What a good idea if our mobile phones can be used as forehead thermometers.
Fise Technology Steps into a Stage for Rapid Growth
Smart payment products developed by Fise Technology cover smart payment hardware devices and platforms, payment solutions using QR code technology and biometric recognition technology, and value-added services out of the new way of payment. Among these products, the facial recognition payment product BR03 supports dual-screen operations and precise recognition by using the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, guaranteeing secure and fast payment. In addition, Fise Technology offers tailored marketing schemes for sellers to help them attract customers. For example, the tailored schemes include reservations, queuing, takeaways, ordering, cash register, electronic posters, and red packets, which can be customized based on actual needs.
Smart Watch Capable of Non-invasive Blood Sugar Level Monitor Brings New Health Monitoring Experience
Recently, Fise has cooperated with a partner to launch a smart watch capable of non-invasive blood sugar level monitor, which brings new health monitoring experience. The product design owner of Fise introduces that: "After you wear the smart watch, it can use the algorithm matched by the sensor in the watch to calculate your blood sugar level based on the data entered related to your body. The calculation accuracy can reach 80% and above and will be improved continuously."
D Series IVI Solutions from Fise Intelligence, a Big Hit to the Market
Compared with the previous Internet-based in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) solutions, the upgraded D series solutions use embedded 31-band digital signal processor (DSP) and the entire series is equipped with the DBX 360° panoramic view. These solutions comprehensively extend the software and hardware features of products to support 4G communication, quad-core CPU, 2G + 32G large memory, analog high definition (AHD) reverse backup, HD panorama, and multi-channel access over all the available communication modes.
Fise Technology Becomes the First MTK Solution Provider Authorized by KaiOS
Shenzhen Fise Technology Co., Ltd. (Fise Technology for short) took the lead in signing relevant terminal agreements with KaiOS Technologies Inc. (Hong Kong), becoming one of the first MTK solution providers for KaiOS.
Docking Between Fise Products and Alexa Solutions Helps Amazon Smart Bikes Shine at CES in the United States
Amazon launched a stylish and cool smart bicycle in the CES show in the United States in 2019, gaining extensive attention. Two days after the show, the keywords "Alexa Cybic Bicycles" yielded more than 6 million hits in Google Chrome. Fise Technology provides the built-in smart main control board for this hot product
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