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        Beautiful modern office environment

        FISE’s office is located in Longhua New District, Shenzhen. We have a modern office space of over 1700 square meters on the whole floor in a high-grade office building. We also have a plant building and a dormitory building at the popular area of electronics manufacturing district. In the neighborhood, a department store is within the walking range; employees can have dinners at the company’s canteen, and live at the company’s dormitories or they can find their own apartment nearby very conveniently. The company has a FISE Information Park of 80 mu in Wuxue, which is now under construction, and will be officially inaugurated next year.

        1. Office area at Jia Anda, Shenzhen


        2. Factory at Longhua, Shenzhen




        3. Renderings of the FISE Information Park under construction