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  • FISE TechnologyIntelligent hardware solutions including mobile phones, smart wearables, AI products, and smart payment, and OEM/ODM services

  • FISE IntelligenceCustomized products and services, such as microprocessor cores for industry applications, IVI solutions, solutions for power systems, and commercial display

  • FISE InformationInvestment and financing platform, providing business merge and integration services


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Why is Fise Technology well-known as the best provider of feature phone solutions? Are feature phone solutions still the core business of Fise Technology?


In 2014, Fise Technology ranked first among all the providers of feature phones using the MTK platform in terms of the monthly shipment. Since then, Fise Technology is well-known as the best provider of feature phone solutions. Recently, the monthly shipment of communication main boards reaches 3,000,000, maintaining a leading position for five years in China. These main boards are used on feature phones, KaiOS phones, and smartphones. Fise Technology has established a strategic cooperation relationship with MTK and Google. It is one of the first ODM or OEM vendors authorized by KaiOS and also the first vendor that mass ships KaiOS phones using the MTK platform.


What are the businesses provided by Fise Hi-Tech Group (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd?


Fise Hi-Tech Group (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (Fise Hi-Tech Group for short) provides Internet access technologies and services for operators, Internet companies, other enterprises and institutions, and merchants based on next-generation Internet information technology. Our offerings include mobile communication solutions, Internet-based in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) solutions, smart consumer devices, microprocessor cores for industry applications, and smart payment solutions. With all these offerings, we can deliver one-stop services covering solutions and terminals. In the new era, we will shoulder the mission to "connect everything and fulfill your dream" and strive to create a smarter and better world with partners.

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